Propel Her want to hear from you!

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We know we are surrounded by many brilliant colleagues and friends in this workforce. We want to hear from you! 

The aim of the series is to curate a range of career and personal development topics for women, tailored for a Defence context. Propel Her is written for any Defence woman. Although most pieces here are gender-neutral and have value for all ADF members.

We at Propel Her are available to help you through the writing process and look forward to assisting you with editing your contribution. 

Step 1. Email Us! 

We ask that you run a few details by us before you start writing: (1) proposed topic, (2) proposed structure, and (3) preferred due date.

Step 2. Draft

Then it’s time to start drafting. 

We have a short draft guide for blogs here. This layout helps structure your article for online reading. 

No deadlines – we understand life gets in the way and want you to feel happy with your work.

Remember it doesn’t have to be perfect! We have editors who can help you shape it – that’s the next step. 

Step 3. Edit 

Once you send a draft to, we will load it onto our Google Drive for a collaborative editing process before your final approval. 

Step 4.  Publish

Then we’ll send it off for publication. You will receive a hidden link for a final check before it goes live.

Step 5. Share

We are proud of your work and you should be too! We will give you resources and a link to share your article on your social media. #PropelHerAUS