Tiny Leadership Tales: ‘If I Care About My People’

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Bite sized leadership lessons, featuring reader-submitted stories of no more than 100 words

In 2018, I learned the power of authenticity. I was posted to my first core leadership position – a career broadening opportunity for an Aerospace Engineer in Air Force. I tried an inauthentic style to address some issues, destroying any trust I had with my team. I returned to my authentic self, spent time with my team, and continued to uphold standards. I challenged many in my team, and together we achieved a lot. I reflect on this experience, as it was a period where I learned the most about myself, others, and the importance of authentic self for leadership.
Kate Yaxley

The Long Patrol Home – 20 Aug 2010

The blast. The silence. The void. The confusion. The radio. The good news. The hope. The reality. The radio. The loss. No vital signs for 2. The mission. You wrote the orders. You look for an adult. You’re the adult. You’re in command. 
It’s on you. Do you call on your training? Your inner strength? Over to you, blue leader. Don’t panic. It’s contagious. Be calm. The enemy has a vote, but so do you. Two blokes lost. The mission. Go and see the lads. Be human. Be calm. Be in control.
Julian Hohnen

Be better, don’t be frustrated.

I recently had one of those days as a leader where I started to feel frustration towards my team. We’ve all been there, but do we all manage to catch ourselves before we let that frustration drive our behaviour? I reminded myself that if I care about my people – which I do – nothing they do can change my desire to be better, for them, every day.
Nick Alexander

Lead Team moment. We arrived at dusk then I was called into the CP. Akka had been killed, at least they told us instead of letting us stew. He was a close mate, and housemates with 2 of the section. I called the section into the PMV, locked the rear door then broke the news. Devastated and powerless to change it. We talked and clarified, then slept with grief. In the morning we talked, reassured and prepped for the mission; route search all day back ‘home’, carrying a minelab, despair and the boys’ safety on our shoulders. Follow the Sapper.
Isaac Williams

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