Episode 1 – Matthew Cavanaugh

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Chat with Matthew Cavanaugh who was teaching the Military Strategy Course at the United States Military Academy West Point at the time. A taste of Cavanaugh’s advice:

– On core competencies for junior military commanders: develop your sense of military judgement, relate your tactical action to national policy, and to do both of these things, you have to understand the context in which you fight.

– When you are a member of the profession of arms there are certain responsibilities, when society asks you to put on a uniform, they are expecting that you are imbued with a sense of military judgement, that you have the ability to navigate through very complex physical and mental terrain, on a battlefield that is one of the most frightening places that you will ever find yourself in.

The podcast ends with a very funny, but terribly realistic and humbling warrie for junior commanders. Follow Cavanaugh on Twitter: @MLCavanaugh