Structuring a Propel Her Blog Post

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Here is a little guide to help you structure your new #PropelHerAUS article!

Note: you do not need to follow this, especially if you have a unique topic in mind.

  • Working Title. We try to capture the reader’s attention here! What is your article about? Tell us in a way that makes us want to hear more. 
  • Introduction.
  • Discussion on issue and 4-5 recommendations on steps the reader/ADF can take to improve/enhance the respective topic. Tip: Try breaking it up with headings so readers can scroll and see exactly what’s coming next. Feel free to suggest diagrams or pictures to add too. 
  • Conclusion.
  • Links to suggested readings/groups/resources.

Please note any references should be hyperlinked as text – we would love it if you link back to some relevant Propel Her articles and lift up other authors.

For the Grounded Curiosity writing guidelines see: Writing Guidelines – Grounded Curiosity (some great blog writing tips). 

Looking forward to hearing from you, 

Propel Her Team