Who we are

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Grounded Curiosity promotes discussions, ideas and lessons for the profession of arms.


Grounded Curiosity is partitioned into three main sections: 

1. BlogA space to share ideas and learn from each other. We are particularly focused on helping junior leaders publish their thoughts. We also publish established writers.

2. The Bookshelf. Provides recommended reading lists and book reviews. The reviews aim to give both a synopsis of the book and lessons learned.

2. Themes. Includes sections on:

  • Topics: an easy way to find articles from the blog on specific topics including leadership, tactics, strategy and the future.

Target Audience

Grounded Curiosity seeks to share ideas and lessons for the profession of arms, focused on junior leaders. It is a culture of professional curiosity from the ground-up that underpins our adaptive action, mission command, and critical thinking. And it is these conversations that Grounded Curiosity seeks to help.

Finally, while our aim is to spark discussion about our profession of arms, a secondary aim is to provide an example of a blog by active service members that remains within the bounds of professionalism, information security, public comment, and common courtesy.

Contact us at: groundedcuriosity@gmail.com