Our origins – What’s in a name?

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Our Origins

Grounded Curiosity was born in 2013, the result of a desire for an online forum in which junior military commanders could broaden their professional horizons and promulgate discussion and ideas beyond the confines of the immediate workspace. The intent was, and remains, to generate strategic and tactical discussion that supports and engenders both the development of junior leaders and the ongoing innovation crucial to an Army poised for accelerated warfare and an ever-changing battlespace. 

What’s in a name?

The name ‘Grounded Curiosity’ is not a grab at a new buzzword or idea. Rather, it is the amalgamation of the two crucial concepts that fomented Grounded Curiosity’s inception and underpin its ongoing aims. 


Curiosity is the exploration of ideas and never-ending pursuit of professional mastery while acknowledging the risk of paralysis by analysis. As practitioners, this curiosity can progress ideas to practical implementation. Curiosity can breathe fresh ideas into a stagnant organisation and underpins our ability to adapt faster than the enemy.


The term ‘grounded’ aligns with Grounded Curiosity’s main themes of land warfare and power. Looking ‘ground up’ links tactical action to strategy, while being ‘grounded’ also implies that disruptive ideas are nuanced with practical realities. Grounding theoretical ideas is vital as we learn from the past and grapple with the future. The catch is, we’ll only be able to ground those good ideas if we’re curious about them in the first place.