Contributing Authors

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Grounded Curiosity would like to acknowledge our Contributing Authors who consistently submit their thoughts and ideas in pursuit of ongoing professional discussion.

Darren Cronshaw

  1. Book Review – Beyond Combat: Australian Military Activity away from the Battlefield, edited by Tristan Moss and Tom Richardson
  2. Book Review – Leadership Secrets of the Australian Army, by Nicholas Jans
  3. Book Review – War and Moral Injury: A Reader, edited by Robert Emmet Meagher and Douglas A. Pryer
  4. Book Review – Stopping Military Suicides: Veteran Voices to Help Prevent Deaths, by Kate Hendricks Thomas and Sarah Plummer Taylor
  5. Book Review – Preventing Unjust War: A Catholic Argument for Selective Conscientious Objection, by Roger Bergman

Brody Hannan

  1. From Infantry Officer to Call Centre Commander
  2. What the Modern Staff Officer Can Learn from a WWII Japanese Guerrilla (Editor’s Note: this was Grounded Curiosity’s most read article in 2020)
  3. Finding Maths in the Military
  4. How CIMIC Can Help You In Your Job
  5. Loneliness: The Other Side of Fatigue Management
  6. Knowing your people: a targeted approach to engagement in the Part Time Army
  7. Book Review – Courage Under Fire, by Daniel Keighran VC

Emma Watson (Brisbane Ambassador)

  1. Teaming with the Rural Fire Service
  2. Integrating with Combat Agencies in a National Emergency
  3. What is the Main Effort? HA/DR or Warfighting?
  4. Mission Command: Competence, Assets and Risk
  5. Thoughts on being a Liaison Officer
  6. The Misunderstanding of Actions On
  7. The Benefits of Brevity (Editor’s Note: this was Grounded Curiosity’s 8th most read article in 2020)
  8. The Value of Sergeants to Lieutenants (Editor’s Note: this was Grounded Curiosity’s 3rd most read article in 2020)
  9. Finding Your Leadership Identity: Self-Reflection versus Comparison
  10. Book Review – Trust and Leadership, edited by Russell W. Glenn
  11. Why Leadership Means Leaving on Time

Christopher Wooding

  1. The Rise of Cyber and the Changing Nature of War
  2. Wrap-Up: Science Fiction and Future of War Seminar 2019
  3. Why We Need Philosophy In PME
  4. Book Review – Ultralearning, by Scott Young
  5. Book Review – David and Goliath, by Malcolm Gladwell
  6. Future-Proofing Australia’s Defence Procurement Cycle
  7. Mars 2020 and the Profession of Arms
  8. Reflections on Becoming a (Amateur) Military Writer
  9. Book Review – Selling Schweinfurt, by Brian Vlaun
  10. Book Review – On Tactics by B.A. Friedman
  11. Dare Mighty Things
  12. Lessons for Australia from Atlantic Conveyor and the Falklands War

Gareth Rice

  1. Idea Pitch – Cultural Training in the Army
  2. Partners In Innovation: Observations From ‘Across The Ditch’
  3. The True Power of the Afghan Drug Trade
  4. The Future of Drugs in War
  5. The Genetically Engineered War
  6. Enhanced Counter-Narcotics and the US Army’s SFAB

Greg Rowlands

  1. When Radio Silence is Not Enough: Signature Suppression & the Fight for Surprise
  2. Deception, Diversion & Disguise (3D): Amphibious Operations Success in the Third Decade
  3. Mission Command Algorithms: An Evolution of Artificial Intelligence & Combat Leadership
  4. Tactical Satellite Launch: Enabling Autonomous Futures & Expeditionary Ambitions
  5. Shades of Grozny: Anti-Tank Drones and the Yom Kippur Effect
  6. Leonidas’ Legacy: A Matter of Missiles vs Manoeuvre
  7. Dronekrieg
  8. Blood Moon Rising: Militarisation Of Cis-Lunar Space