PME Prezi 2.0

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BLUF: Click >here< or on the image above to access the PME Prezi.

Grounded Curiosity is pleased to bring you the Professional Military Education (PME) Prezi 2.0.

  • Who: This Prezi is for anyone interested in exploring PME resources.
  • What: A network of PME resources including websites, blogs, magazines, journals, podcasts, videos, events, social media sites, news, events, networks, guilds, contests, awards and mentoring opportunities. Click on the links throughout the Prezi to go direct to the sites.
  • Why: Not everyone learns or shares information in the same way. PME Prezi 2.0 has over 200 sites so that you can find resources that suit you. The Prezi also shows the PME network – learning is stronger as a team.
  • Where: Focused on unclassified and English language resources from Five Eyes countries.

This Prezi has been put together thanks to suggestions from the #Natsec community and continues to grow as new sites come online. If you have suggestions or would like to curate a topic with us, please email

A few caveats:

  • We are not perfect. While Grounded Curiosity would love to cover all PME resources from across the world, this Prezi is an unofficial resource and is put together through volunteer work. Capacity is an issue so please be patient with us.
  • Loading time. The Prezi may take a while to load as it is packed with over 200 PME sites.
  • International sites. Many PME sites are international rather than geographically aligned to one country. International sites have been placed in their founding location or where membership is the highest.

Thanks again for your support!